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Martial Art Academy of India (MAA) approach to teaching techniques is quite revolutionary in the world of martial arts. Unlike most other schools, from day one, MAA. Training involves punching, kicking, blocking, sweeping and jumping! Usually, jump and spinning techniques are reserved for more experienced students. Our view however is that the advanced techniques are so difficult, the sooner our students start practicing them, the sooner they can begin to master them!
In our Curriculum you will learn:
How to defend your self.
How to get in the best shape of your life.
How to use the bags properly
How to hold the equipment properly.
Ring Strategy
The hands of Muay Thai
During your training you will learn:
Punches (each hand)
Learn to hit your opponent from any angle!
The unique blocking skills of Muay Thai
Great boxing defense and more!
The exceptional footwork of Muay Thai
Learn to create openings, set-up combos, evade attacks and more!
Effective counter punching
Hit them before they hit you! How to defend yourself using just your hands
Learn how to defeat other types of attacks
Muay Thai’s Elbow Strikes
During your training you will learn:
The 8 deadly elbow strikes of Muay Thai
One of the hardest, most feared weapons
When and where to use them
Learn how to hit the right target at the right time, with the right elbow!
The 8 spinning elbows of Muay Thai
Deceptive and brutal!
How to defend against elbows
Learn to defend against one of the most effective weapons there is!
The Art of Front Kick
During your training you will learn
Long range kicking
Learn to keep them out of your ‘danger zone’!
Mid range kicking
Create distance by kicking them as they get close!
Close range kicking
Kick them when they least expect it!
How to set up your front kick
Learn to use fakes, feints, footwork and combos to disguise and deploy your kick!
How to develop power with the front kick
Learn how to "Bust any belly" (or any other body part, for that matter)!
The Art of Round Kick
During your training you will learn:
How to land a devastating kick
Using the kick is like using a baseball bat!
How to have lightening quick round kicks
Learn to follow up quickly and efficiently!
The correct way to defend against round kicks
Learn how to keep yourself safe from the most powerful kick in the Martial Arts!
Proper footwork and how to use it to set up your kick
Learn how to disguise and deploy your kick effectively!
How to cut down even the fiercest opponent
Take away their ability to stand up!
The Knees of Muay Thai
During your training you will learn:
The shattering knee strikes of Muay Thai
Muay Thai is known for its elbows and knees!
Long range knees
Learn to use the knee when it’s unexpected
Mid range knees
Fight effectively from just outside clench range
Short range knees
From the clench…this is the best time to throw knees!
How to use the knees against other strikes
Counter other attacks safely, using one of your best tools
How to defend against grabs with knees
Maximize the use of your knees!
Clinch Wrestling
During your training you will learn:
The exceptional stand-up grappling of Muay Thai
Learn to handle yourself beyond kicking and punching!
"China Wall - the impenetrable defense"
Just like it sounds, it’s hard to get past it!
How to train knees and elbows in the clench
Muay Thai has taken this range of fighting to an elevated art form!
How to develop awesome power behind your knees and elbows
Used correctly, they are some of the most effective weapons at your disposal!
How to hit your target and when to use the elbow & knee.
An invaluable tool for self-protection!
Starting from the basic stance, students learn each technique step by step. Rather than being thrown in with higher grades and expected to copy, students are surrounded by other beginners and special attention is given so that all involved are learning at a speed that is suitable to them. session incorporate numerous additional techniques - such as knife defence, elbows, knees, strangulation defence and basic street fighting tips.

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