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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Muay Thai kickboxing?
Muay Thai Kickboxing is one of the most popular martial arts. Though similar to boxing but more flexible as feet as well as hands are used for striking, due to this additional feature it can be either practiced for general fitness, or as a full-contact combat sport. To add to this great martial arts, we blend it with Karate, Tae-Kwon-Do, Krav-Maga, Oriental kicking, Western boxing and self-defense techniques leading to great aerobic and anaerobic workout for all learners. This unique blend also develops speed, flexibility, strength and co-ordination in your day today life.

What happens in a class?
Classes last for one hour and begin with light exercise and full body stretch. For Beginners once properly warmed up students are taught basic punches and kicks and then combinations which are derived from Karate, Tae-Kwon-Do, Krav-Maga, oriental kicking, Western boxing. Attack and Defense techniques are then gradually added to regular practice, that leads to practice with a partner followed by shadow kickboxing & partner training.

What if I'm not very athletic or have never tried Muay Thai kickboxing?
Not to worry. Our program is designed to build fundamentals, and gradually improve your performance. Throughout the training sessions we will work patiently to develop your skills and athletic ability. As we have well qualified instructors who are very particular about teaching proper techniques, so that your body should not get harmed by quacks.

I'll be doing this course only for short period as I have some prefixed commitments to fulfill. So can I still do it?
Yes you can do the basic course with in 3 months.  Our basic course lasts for 3 months and it is meant to provide flexibility along with workout, by teaching basics of the style: stances, guards, punches and kicks.

What about diet?
To stay fit & lose excess weight, you need a solid nutrition plan in addition to your regular workouts. It is our belief that diets or workouts cannot be generalized for everyone and should be selected after thoroughly studying individual needs of your lifestyle. Thus it can be only decided after a meeting with your instructor.

Is it tough?

No  Hurdle levels are set keeping your capability in mind. These levels stimulate you to achieve something, which is not a regular work for you but can be achievable, thus building a new level of confidence in you after all  Getting fit is fun but does require some effort.

Who are the trainers?
trainers are very well qualified instructors also instructing the NSG Black Cat Commandoes,  Anti Terrorist Squads & Special Forces in India.

Do you guys actually punch and kick each other?
Muay Thai Kickboxing is a martial art based on real contact of most techniques. The contact is not necessarily at full power but most of the training sessions involve pair training where people try various techniques and combinations on a partner that is blocking them. Important part of the skill is being able of blocking effectively those techniques.

What should I wear?
Shorts and a T-shirt or track suits are best with some running shoes for skipping.

Is there an age for  Muay Thai  kickboxing? Are there any requirements for it?
Anything between the age of 5 to 50s.

If I pursue  Muay Thai  kickboxing, then will I be given personal trainer or it will be in a group?
We believe in paying personal attention to every individual needs so provide Personal trainer as well.

What are the charges for the course?
Personal training charges depends upon the location and the class timings you want to learn, farther distance need more commuting time and expense for our instructor leading to increase in course Fees (can only be settled after knowing your location and timings). While If you will be coming to the Academy the fees will be decided according to the session time allotted Group fees will be mentioned according to the classes organised time to time.

Where is your academy situated?
South Delhi

What are the timings of the batches as I'll be able to do only after 7 p.m.? Will there be a batch available at that time?
You may get the slot you are interested about.

My main purpose of wanting to learn  Muay Thai  kickboxing is that I am overweight and I want to loose weight. Somebody recommended me  Muay Thai   kickboxing, saying it is also good for toning of body. Is that true?

If you still have unanswered questions, please e-mail us and we will respond as soon as possible.  
We hope to hear from you soon!

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