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Once students have developed competent skills, tournaments can be entered. Competing can be exceptionally rewarding and satisfying as it is such a challenging experience.

There are two styles of tournaments in existence which Martial Art Academy of India  students could enter - 'point scoring' and 'continuous'.  Though full contact tournaments exist, semi contact is much preferred as the safest and most enjoyable.

Both provide the opportunity to face a challenge in the ring.  Even if a trophy is not taken home - overcoming the fear and anxiety to take part leaves an overwhelming feeling of self worth and achievement.  Winning is all of the aforementioned - yet the intensity and delight is multiplied by 1,000,000!!

Martial Art Academy of India  students are encouraged to compete - just entering a competition is an achievement in itself as it a new found experience - something to learn from and cherish.

Competition is totally voluntary.  For those not interested in competing, the grading scheme is an alternative means of measuring a student's performance.

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